Accessibility and availability of studies

Accessibility and availability are important factors at the Open University, and we want to ensure that they are implemented in all our services. An important part of enabling studies for everyone is flexible and alternative methods of study.

As a rule, we seek to ensure the accessibility and availability of your studies in all our services. Flexible and alternative methods of study contribute to the accessibility and availability of your studies.

We apply the University of Jyväskylä’s shared practices regarding the accessibility and availability of studies, as well as the related personal arrangements for studies. Personal arrangements are solutions related to teaching, counselling, exams and/or studying that will help you with the progress of your studies.

A prerequisite for implementing personal arrangements is that the student has an expert recommendation on personal arrangements or a medical certificate.

As a student of the Open University of the University of Jyväskylä, you can get personal support and personal counselling.

If you need any personal arrangements, please report this through the Accessibility form available in the HelpJYU service at the beginning of your studies so that we can take your needs into account as soon as possible.

Services of the Celia library for students

Celia is a specialist centre for accessible literature and publishing. It promotes equality in reading and learning. It produces and distributes literature in accessible formats, such as audiobooks and Braille books.

Celia’s books are intended for everyone who has difficulties reading regular books due to an illness or disability. Potential reasons include dyslexia, learning difficulty, sight impairment, perceptual difficulties and concentration difficulties.

If you think that you are entitled to the services of the Celia library and you do not yet have access to it, you can send email to to obtain a personal user ID.

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