Education in Finland – Gain insights with 5 MOOCs

A sustainable society is built by fostering well-being and learning for life. Join five Education in Finland: Learning for Life MOOCs designed by top education experts and study the best practices of Finnish education. Explore early childhood education and care (ECEC) and pre-primary education, basic education, upper secondary education, educational leadership as well as guidance and counselling. Develop your expertise with the flexible, fully online studies. The courses are open for anyone and free of charge.

Registration opens in spring 2022!

MOOCs available in spring 2022

Education has long been a key component to the success Finland, the country often described as the happiest in the world.

But what makes Finnish education so good? Find out for yourself: in spring 2022, you can explore core aspects of Finnish education through studies available for anyone on University of Jyväskylä Online Courses.

Education in Finland – Learning for Life online courses centre around the joy of learning and equal opportunities in education. The courses also discuss the way respect for students is a consistent element throughout Finnish education philosophy.

Gain research-based knowledge and insights from top experts in Finnish education on how to build high-quality teaching practices and learning experiences that build towards well-being and a successful society.

You can complete five MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course), each covering one area of Finnish education from pre-primary to upper secondary education. Leadership and guidance are also covered in the studies.


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The courses are designed for anyone who is interested in education, teaching and leading pedagogical know-how. Get academic study credits from one of the leading multidisciplinary universities in Finland when you register for the courses. No prior studies are required.

MOOC 1. Educational Leadership: Supporting high-quality teaching in Finland (1 ECTS)

Why do we need educational leaders? What do early childhood education and care (ECEC) leaders and school leaders do? To understand educational leadership, you first need to understand the role of the head of ECEC and the school leader today. In this MOOC, you will focus on the nature of Finnish educational leadership and the role of education policy in Finnish society. Enhance your leadership skills and knowledge conveniently online.
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MOOC 2. Finnish Early Education and Pedagogy: Right to play, learn and participate  (1 ECTS)

Child-centred, play-based, holistic: These are keywords to describe early childhood education and pre-primary education in Finland, an important part of the Finnish education system. Educational principles strengthen social inclusion, emphasise participation and embrace diversity. What do these key principles mean in practice? 
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MOOC 3. Finnish Basic Education: Equal opportunities for all  (1 ECTS)

Rooted in tradition but always forward-thinking, Finnish basic education is famed for its emphasis on equality. On this MOOC, you will learn about the principles and structures of basic education, the Finnish way. How did basic education in Finland become the success story it has emerged as? How is teacher training changing? And what is phenomenon-based learning? 
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MOOC 4. Upper Secondary Education in Finland: No dead ends (1 ECTS)

At the upper secondary stage, students are on the brink of adulthood and looking towards their futures in both education and working life. In Finland, students choose between general upper secondary school, vocational education or a combination of the two in dual qualifications. This MOOC sheds light on the pedagogical practices, support services, and individual learning and competence plans of that ensure every student is always able to keep on studying and learning. 
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MOOC 5. Educational Support and Guidance Services in Finland: Agency through collaboration  (1 ECTS)

Educational support, guidance and counselling are built-in features of the Finnish education system. This MOOC delves into special education and the inclusive practices that colour education in Finland. 
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Registration for all 5 MOOCs will open in spring 2022!


  • Courses are open: Spring 2022
  • Study credits: 1 ECTS per MOOC
  • EQF level: 6
  • Study fee: free of charge
  • Prerequisites: No previous studies required

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