Educational Leadership

Why do we need school leaders? What do school leaders do? You are warmly welcome to join this MOOC journey of the Educational Leadership in Finland.

In order to understand leadership and school management you must understand the school leaders role today. In this MOOC Educational Leadership (1 ECTS) you will focus on the nature of Finnish educational leadership and education policy's status and function in Finnish society.

You will also understand the significance of educational leadership and school management in educational systems. Enhance your leadership skills and knowledge converniently online.

The online course is open to anyone interested in educational leadership. No prior studies required!

  • Course is open: Spring 2022
  • Study credits: 1 ECTS
  • EQF level: 6
  • Study fee: € 15

The course is organized by the Open University of University of Jyväskylä, Finland. For further information, please contact our study services at HelpJYU online customer service.


This MOOC will be open in 2022.

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Educational Leadership

How you will benefit from this MOOC

  • You will enhance your leadership skills and your readiness to act as an educational leader.
  • You will have a basic understanding about educational leadership in the Finnish society.
  • You will be able to recognize the significance of educational leadership in all societies and realize that something that has been done in Finland can be done everywhere else as well.
Educational Leadership

Introduction to EDUO104