On the eve of adulthood – Upper Secondary Education prepares students for the future

In Finland, compulsory education continues until the age of 18. Nearly half of young people in Finland continue their studies in upper secondary  school after basic education, while other focus e.g. on vocational training. Join the MOOC on the Upper Secondary Education in Finland to learn more.

In Finland, after comprehensive school (classes 1–9), students continue to the upper secondary level to study either in general upper secondary education, vocational education or dual qualifications. During this MOOC Upper Secondary Education in Finland (1 ECTS) you get a proper overview of the Finnish upper secondary education system.

You will understand the foundation of upper secondary education, e.g. pedagogical practices, support services, and individual learning and competence plans. 

The course is open to anyone interested in upper secondary education. No prior studies required!

  • Course is open: Spring 2022
  • Study credits: 1 ECTS
  • EQF level: 6
  • Study fee: € 15

The course is organized by the Open University of University of Jyväskylä, Finland. For further information, please contact our study services at HelpJYU online customer service.


This MOOC will be open in 2022.

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On the eve of adulthood – Upper Secondary Education prepares students for the future

How you will benefit from this MOOC

  • You will understand the characteristics and nature of upper secondary education system in Finland.
  • You will be familiar with the Finnish upper secondary education's support services and individual learning plans.
  • You will know more about curricula, pedagogical practices, everyday life at schools and ongoing reforms.