Develop and maintain your ICT skills for Career Guidance and Study Counselling services

The open university course “Information and Communication Technology in Guidance and Counselling” helps you to enhance your knowledge and skills in how to use ICT in career services.

Do you work or want to work in the field of career guidance and study counselling? Enhance your digital skills to provide a flexible, modern services in your work.

Through ICT in Guidance and Counselling course (5 ECTS) you will become aware of the variation in ways technology plays in career service field. The course includes learning situations where you can perceive and reflect on the potential of technology in the context of career guidance and counselling. 

ICT in Guidance and Counselling Online Course

  • Next online course: Spring 2023
  • Registration is open: 

Notice: This course will be arranged if a minimum of 10 students sign-up.

This open university course is suitable for people in the field of career guidance and/or study counselling. No prior information needed. 

During the eight week period you will study both independently and with the other course participants at Moodle learning platform. Participants are required to have basic ICT skills in order to work online. Guidance and support is provided during the course. All the course materials are available throughout the course.

The course includes group work with a flexible timetable, and weekly assignments. Participants are expected to attend the course regularly.

General info
  • Course code: EDUA290
  • Study credits: 5 ECTS
  • Workload: ca. 135 h
  • EQF level: 7
  • Assesment scale: 0–5
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Study fee: € 75


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Please note: Registration for this course is binding.
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During the course you will
  • watch recorded online lectures 
  • read course materials
  • have online assignments
  • participate in pair and group discussions
  • write self-reflection report

Summer School in Finland

Due to the pandemic, we offer only the online course for now. In previous years, students have had the option to take the course in Jyväskylä, Finland during the ICT in Guidance and Counselling Summer School. We hope to offer this option again in the future.

The course is organized by the Open University of University of Jyväskylä, Finland. For further information, please contact our study services at HelpJYU online customer service.

How you will benefit from this course

  • You will enhance your competence in information and communication technology in the use of guidance and counselling services.
  • You will be able to apply ICT in the guidance process and also to evaluate opportunities and challenges of existing and emerging technologies in relation to guidance and counselling.
  • You will know how to maintain your ICT literacy and technological skills and how to apply a theoretical framework when using ICT in guidance and counselling.