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Study the free-of-charge  Nature Under Threat online studies with JYU Open University. These brand-new online courses in the field of Biological and Environmental Sciences offer insight into endangerment and the surrounding ecological and social phenomena. The courses (1 ECTS each) can be studied fully online with flexible schedules.

Study threats to nature and biodiversity loss online

Nature Under Threat is a set of two courses that give insight into how and why species and ecosystems are increasingly becoming threatened, and how threat status is assessed using the international Red List methodology. The studies also outline the causes behind the ongoing biodiversity loss.

Endangerment is an ecological fact that affects societies across the globe. Assessing the level of endangerment of species and ecosystems is a key tool in measuring biodiversity loss, directing conservation and following the impacts of conservation actions.

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Biodiversity loss is a far-reaching phenomenon that is becoming more and more important to understand.

The Nature Under Threat courses suit anyone with an interest in these themes, including those employed in the environment sector.

The courses have been created in collaboration with the Universities of Jyväskylä, Helsinki, Turku, Eastern Finland and Oulu, as well as the Finnish Museum of Natural History. The courses are also included in the study selection of the Biodiversity Education Network of Finnish Universities.

Nature Under Threat courses


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