Planetary Wellbeing: Free online courses for everyone

The Planetary Wellbeing online studies at the Open University of the University of Jyväskylä are available free of charge to everyone, starting from Spring 2022. These MOOC studies cover themes such as climate change, biodiversity loss and resource wisdom. Build your knowledge and learn from scientific research. The Introduction course is open now!

Planetary Wellbeing studies at the Open University

What does planetary wellbeing mean and what should we know about it? What kind of sustainability challenges are we facing when it comes to the wellbeing of our environment? How should we go about addressing these challenges? In the Open University's Planetary Wellbeing studies, you will explore these topics and more through latest scientific knowledge across various disciplines. 

Planetary Wellbeing encompasses four courses that are open to everyone free of charge. Each of the 1-ECTS courses is available to study fully online, at your own pace. Start your studies and gain invaluable insight and know-how! 

You can explore the content in the JYU Online Courses platform before the registration. If you want to see the tasks and complete the course, you need to register and sign up for the course. 

The first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), Introduction to Planetary Wellbeing, is available for study on


The link above is only active during the registration period (01.09.2022-22.01.2023).

Please note: Registration requires a valid passport or an EU identity card. If you have a Finnish bank ID, you can register via the Study guide.

Studying planetary wellbeing

These studies introduce you to themes of sustainability, responsibility and planetary wellbeing. The first course deals with global environmental crises and the challenges and promise of sustainable development.

Future Planetary Wellbeing courses will cover e.g. global economic, energy and food production systems in relation to environmental and societal sustainability. The studies also discuss the individual and cultural phenomena, concepts and values underlying ecological questions.

The studies can be completed fully online and at your own pace. The studies are suitable for anyone who is interested in topics of human and natural wellbeing, regardless of educational background

Get started, discover the latest scientific knowledge and put your new insights to use!

Information about the Planetary Wellbeing online courses:

  • 4 MOOCs with 1 ECTS each (At the moment available: Introduction course)
  • open for everyone: simply enroll and study at your own pace
  • flexible, fully online
  • potentially adaptable to a larger, formal university degree
  • university level: based on the latest scientific research
Planetary Wellbeing Massive Open Online Courses for everyone


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Introduction to Planetary Wellbeing

  • Gain an understanding of the causes, mechanisms and potential consequences of climate change and biodiversity loss
  • Explore the ways humans have affected ecosystems and the climate from prehistoric times through today
  • Discover the social processes, values, norms and regional differences influencing humankind's relationship with the environment
  • Know the meaning of planetary wellbeing and recognise its significance
  • Appreciate the need for a multidisciplinary approach to sustainability challenges