How is endangerment assessed? New course builds your expertise in conservation

A new free-of-charge Nature Under Threat course has been released, complementing JYUOpen's well-received sustainability studies. The online course builds your knowledge on themes of biodiversity loss, with a special focus on the principles of how endangerment is assessed.

The first Nature Under Threat course was released in JYU Open University in early 2023.

One thing is clear: there is a definite need for accessible information and competence on themes of biodiversity loss. Nature Under Threat 1: Species and Ecosystems has garnered hundreds of sign-ups since its launch.

The second course, Nature under Threat 2: Red-List Assessments in Finland and Globally, is now also available. Start right now!

Both Nature Under Threat courses are free of charge and flexible to study online. The courses are offered both in English and Finnish.

Understanding endangerment and its assessment

"The second course enables you to gain a deeper understanding of the assessment of endangerment and allows you to build your professional competences in sustainability issues. You'll also learn about how information on endangerment can be applied in society. In all, it's a rather comprehensive look into endangerment," says Senior Lecturer Panu Halme, who is the teacher in charge of the Nature Under Threat courses.

The last few years have also seen JYUOpen introduce the free-of-charge Planetary Well-being courses, also in both English and Finnish. The University of Jyväskylä has decreed that from 2024 curricula onwards, Introduction to Planetary Well-being will be an obligatory course for all JYU degree students.

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