Wellbeing, play and active participation – Discover the success factors of early childhood education and care in Finland

Are you interested in pedagogy for children under the age of seven? Join our online MOOC on Early Childhood Education in Finland. The registration is open until 20th May 2021.

Finnish education system has high quality, and it is one of the cornerstones of the Finnish welfare society. But what is the first step in this success story? Early childhood education and care (ECEC), of course! If you want to know what the pedagogy on Finnish ECEC is about, you are warmly welcome to join this MOOC (1 ECTS).

“I think you can always learn something new from the models of other countries. Therefore, I recommend this course to you, if you are interested in ECEC and curious about the Finnish education system”, says teacher Leena Valkonen.

Child at the centre of pedagogy

Finnish ECEC comprises teaching, education and care to support children’s development, learning and balanced growth. You may perhaps know “learning by doing” but what about “learning by playing”? In Finnish early childhood education and care we value playing as such. We also understand that play is an important key for learning.

During this MOOC you will discover the principles of child-centered pedagogy, meaning of educational partnership, teamwork and learning environment.

“The main themes are the role of play, the education of Finnish early childhood educators and loving and caring learning community. You'll also learn, what kind of pedagogy we believe in and what we mean with individualized planning and pedagogical assessment”, says Valkonen.

Sign up and study flexibly online

Online course is a flexible way to study no matter where you are. During the course you will study independently at Moodle learning platform via short online learning assignments and other course materials. You will also have an opportunity to share your thoughts and reflections with other students.

This MOOC is open to anyone interested in education and teaching. There are no prior studies required. The course is open until 28th May 2021.

Altogether we offer five MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course), each covering one area of the Finnish education from pre-primary to upper secondary education. If you wish to continue your studies after this MOOC, please check our other courses.

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Photo: BBC Creative (Pixabay)