The joy of learning is for everyone – Educational support and guidance help learners to realise their potential

In Finland pupils and students have the right to receive student guidance and sufficient support for learning throughout their educational path. The ideology is to maximise the potential of every child and young person. Join our MOOC of guidance and support services in Finland to learn more about the different levels of support.

The Finnish education system is based on the philosophy of inclusion. For example, basic education is the same for all, but children are supported individually so that they can successfully complete their basic education. Support for learners is given at three levels: general, intensified and special support.

It is important to identify at an early stage what different learning barriers and learning difficulties may be associated with a student’s schooling. To identify the need for support at an early stage, the needs of students should be constantly assessed, and support should be provided early enough.

“Timely support as well as the right level of support ensures the learning and development of the child or young person”, says Liisa Kytölä, a university teacher in special education.

Learn more about Educational Support and Guidance Services

If you are interested in support and guidance in the Finnish school system, join now our MOOC Educational Support and Guidance Services in Finland (1 ECTS). MOOC stands for 'massive open online course'. 

This course focuses on support, guidance and counselling in Finnish education from different levels and perspectives of education – also from the angle of special education. You will be familiar with the special education, inclusive education and guidance practices in Finland. In addition, the special teacher training and guidance and counselling education will also be introduced.

Registration is open until 20th May 2021 and the course is open until 28th May.

After this course you know the nature of support, guidance and counselling services in Finland. You will be also familiar with the special education, inclusive education and guidance practices. The fully online course is a flexible way to study, no matter where you are.

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