Explore the Finnish school system through MOOCs in Spring 2021

During the 21st century, Finland has been one of the leading countries in PISA surveys that assess the learning outcome of students aged 15 in mathematics, science and reading literacy. Finland's results have been at the top or near to it for several years. But what is the secret of successful education? Find the answers from our MOOCs on Finnish education.

Due to the pandemic situation, the PISA 2021 is postponed, but Finland's goals in education are still high. For example, the Finnish government wants to increase the level of education so that half of those aged 25–34 have higher education degree in 2030. The foundation to this is laid in childhood and adolescence, says Päivi Kananen, the International Coordinator at JYUOpen.

"To reach this goal, there must be good base on which to build. It ensures the development of diverse learning skills during the school years. Finnish school system is carefully planned and it is regularly renewed, which means that although we aim to be up to date, we also have a solid background in the national curriculum," Kananen says.

Finnish education system has high quality, which is influenced by many different factors. In Spring 2021, JYUOpen offers five MOOCs (massive online open courses), which will lead you through Finnish school system. Every MOOC gives different perspectives to the factors of Finnish education:

You can either specialize in certain area by studying the courses that are most interesting and relevant, or you can get an overall picture of Finnish school system by doing all the five MOOCs. Study fee is 15 € / 1 ECTS.

The courses are now open. Registration is open until 20th May, 2021. Welcome!