How to assess learning with digital tools – The next step of digital revolution in teaching

The global pandemic caused a digital revolution also in teaching. Digital learning platforms are here to stay, because they enable flexible studying – and help teachers to assess students’ performance. Our online course “Facilitating and Assessing Learners' Digital Competencies” focuses on usage of digital technologies and strategies to enhance assessment in online environment.

The Facilitating and Assessing Learners' Digital Competencies course helps teachers develop their skills in assessment using digital tools.

Once the course is over, you will be familiar with the digital tools of assessment, as well as learn media literacy, critical review of information, and the principles of accessibility of online materials. In addition, you will become familiar with privacy and copyright.

“Students learn to use technology in an innovative way. The course introduces how to collaborate and communicate online and how to make teaching material for the online environment. After the course, they will be able to work smoothly and safely in a digital environment,” says Sanna Juutinen, one of the teachers.

Based on the European framework of educators' digital skills

This course is a part of the Digitally Competent Educators short learning programme (DCE), which consists of three modules. This third module is developed and implemented jointly by the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) and Universidade Aberta (Portugal).

The DCE programme is based on the European Digital Competence Framework for Teachers (DigCompEdu). The framework is a scientifically based entity that describes the importance of teachers' digital competence. It provides a general framework to support the development of teacher-specific digital skills in Europe.

The framework is aimed at educators at all levels of education, from early childhood to higher education and adult education, including general and vocational education, special education and non-formal learning.

Suitable to anyone with some experience of online pedagogy

Facilitating and Assessing Learners' Digital Competencies, the third module of DCE programme, is suitable for people who have completed modules 1 and 2 of the DCE programme or have similar knowledge and experience of online pedagogy.

In other words, anyone involved in education and training with Bachelor level knowledge of education and some experience of online pedagogy is welcome to join the course. It is also open to people studying to become teachers. 

Sign up now, the course will start on 20th April 2021. Registration is open until 15th April 2021.

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