How to create an inspiring and engaging learning experience in a digital learning environment?

When planning courses or training, educators must take into account the needs of the learners and define the end goals of the learning process. But how can the quality of instruction be ensured, when designing teaching and learning activities? Join our Instructional Design online course to update your knowledge. The online course will start in May 2021.

Learning spaces that inspire and engage play a key role in successful teaching. At our online course Instructional Design: Creating an Interactive Digital Product for Education (5 ECTS) you will learn skills that are important in daily practice and in dealing with digital media in education.

During the course you’ll get instructional design tips you can adapt to your own online learning community. The course focuses on instructional design, problem-based learning and learning-by-design. You will also design an educational media product and work collaboratively in mixed groups with international students.

“This course is a great chance to get acquainted with online pedagogy, online teaching and various digital tools. It also gives you a great opportunity to gain international project experience and practice important working life skills, such as teamwork skills,” says one of the teachers Sanna Juutinen.

Sign up now & study flexibly online

Instructional Design is a 100 % online course, so you are able to study flexible no matter where you are. During the eight-week period you will study at Moodle learning platform. The course provides guidance and support that will enhance your learning.

“This course is suitable for advanced students with basic knowledge of online pedagogy. I would recommend it to anyone interested in online pedagogy and international collaboration,” Juutinen says.

Therefore, if you already have some knowledge but you want to get better, you are welcome to develop your skills with us. The next online course will start on 3rd May 2021. Registration is open until 26th April 2021.

After the course you will be able to plan, organise, implement and evaluate a digital educational project using different softwares. You will be familiar with different learning theories and will be able to use this knowledge when developing your own didactic concept for a media project. Instructional Design is created and developed together by the University of Jyväskylä, Open University of Netherlands and FernUniversität in Hagen.