Online courses in autumn 2020 – sign up now!

New study semester is about to begin. Due to world-wide exceptional situation caused by coronavirus, online studies are the safest option to study in many places. In the beginning of Autumn semester, the Open University of the University of Jyväskylä offers three online courses in the subject of education.

Are you ready to learn something new? If you are interested in the field of education and guidance & counselling, these courses might be suitable and timely to you:

Digital Competences for Educators

Looking for a course to update your digital skills in teaching? The Digitally Competent Educators short learning programme helps you to develop your digital pedagogic competence. It consists of three study modules. The first module “Introduction to Digital Competences for Educators” is now open for registration. It focuses on using digital technology for collaboration, communication and professional development.

The course will begin on 5th October.

ICT skills in Guidance and Counselling

If you want to enhance your ICT skills in career guidance and counselling, sign up now to our Information and Communication Technology in Guidance and Counselling online course. You will learn to apply information and communication technology in the guidance process and become able to evaluate the opportunities and challenges for guidance of existing and emerging technologies.

NB! [update 31-08-2020] The course have been postponed to spring semester 2021. 

What's your secret, Finnish education?

Guide to Finnish Education open university course gives you a broad review from Finnish early childhood education to upper secondary studies. You will also learn about support & guidance services and educational leadership in Finland.

The course will begin on 1st September.