Sharing the knowledge: Infos about Digitally Competent Educators in October 2020

Digitally Competent Educators is a short learning programme, which consists of three modules for different levels of digital skills. We will introduce this SLP at three events in October. All events are held online.

For university teachers, designers and developers:

Moving target digitalisation: re-thinking global exchange in higher education (5–6 Oct 2020) is organised by German Academic Exchange Service. The conference is primarily for the representatives of Higher Education Institutions, their International Relations Offices, Online Learning and IT Departments, partners from European University Alliances, students and policy makers.

EADTU's EMPOWER Webinar Week (13–15 Oct 2020) is dedicated to Short Learning Programmes. University staff from multiple European universities will share experiences and give recommendations for developing SLPs.

For learners, ie anyone eager to join Digitally Competent Educators SLP in 2021:

Erasmus Days (15–17 Oct 2020) will give a the chance to share experiences, organize an event or spread the word about projects related to Erasmus+. JYUOpen's webinar about Digitally Competent Educators for students will be held on 16th October (GMT 9 am – 11 am). You are welcome to learn more about DCE and learning possibilities!