Upper Secondary Education is a stepping stone to adulthood

In Finnish school system, after 9 years of primary education there is transition to upper secondary school in the Finnish school system. How will this phase prepare young people for the future? What is its history? Learn more by joining our MOOC on Finnish upper secondary education.

When a young person in Finland completes primary school and continues their studies, he or she usually enters upper secondary education. Upper secondary education helps young people to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for moving on to further studies and the working life.

Compulsory education will end when a young person reaches the age of 18 or has completed an upper secondary qualification.

In the near future, upper secondary education will play even more important role in Finland. From 2021 onwards the minimum school leaving age will be 18 years”, explains university teacher Ari Kiviniemi.

Kiviniemi teaches the MOOC (massive open online course) on upper secondary education, which introduces the history, system and changes of upper secondary education in Finland.

Alternatives of upper secondary education are vocational school and general training in high school with about 3-4 years study. They are equal options to everyone, no matter what the learner’s background is.

“Finnish education is equal: different educational paths are accessible to everyone. There are really no dead ends in our education system”, Kiviniemi says.

Learn more about Upper Secondary Education

If you are interested in upper secondary education in the Finnish school system, join now our MOOC Upper Secondary Education in Finland (1 ECTS).

After this course you understand the characteristics and nature of upper secondary education. Additionally, you are familiar with the Finnish upper secondary education system. You will know more about curricula, pedagogical practices, everyday life at schools and ongoing reforms.

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