What is an open university? Check out the strategic guidelines

The Open University of the University of Jyväskylä is a pioneer in lifelong learning, offering science, competence and opportunities for everyone.  According to our strategy, in 2030, JYU Open will be a unique, sustainable and highly modern open university community with a personal approach and national and international impact.

A community that works for you

“The learning goals are yours: They advance your career and daily life. Our mission is to help, support and guide you in reaching your goals. We also offer a chance for interaction with other students. You receive support from a modern, multidisciplinary university community with a long history as a provider of high-quality education. We are working actively so that you can succeed in your studies.”

Anna Kaikkonen, Pedagogical Head, JYU Open University


Anna Kaikkonen

Internationally sustainable

“JYU Open University is open for all. Our operation is increasing, but by fostering and further improving its quality and responsibility. Cooperation with European partner universities helps us develop our studies to meet the needs of the global world of work. We are part of the larger world and help make the high-quality education of JYU available to all.”

Piia Leppämäki, University Teacher of Economics and Business Administration, JYU Open University

Piia Leppämäki

Nationally impactful

“What do you want to study? Our extensive and continuously updated studies correspond to the competence development needs in a variety of fields. Our high-quality education is mainly available online and flexibly at your disposal wherever you are. Take research-based knowledge into the workplace! In terms of study credits, JYU Open University is the biggest provider of open higher education in Finland.”

Jukka Lerkkanen, Director, JYU Open University

Jukka Lerkkanen

The most modern

“Learning is continuous, and so is development work. At JYU Open University, we are oriented to the future. We work hard to ensure that what we offer meets the competence needs of students and the future. Development work is based on research-based knowledge produced by our own staff and the wider scientific community. The result of all this skilled teamwork is a positive and rewarding learning experience open to everyone. We look forward to having you join our courses!”

Vilma Räisänen, Education Coordinator, JYU Open University

Vilma Räisänen