The ONE Meeting Project

The ONE Meeting is a project with the goal of enabling future multi-national projects to be successfully carried out with just one transnational partner meeting. This is pursued through an increase of environmental knowledge, digital communication, and collaboration competences of higher education leaders and staff.  The Open University of the University of Jyväskylä is one of the partners in this international development project.

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the ability to engage in virtual collaboration within strategic and structured international projects, so as to reduce the travel and related environmental impact.

The aim of the project is to design a concept and a toolkit that will be tested and reviewed rigorously. With this toolkit, European project managers will be able to significantly reduce travel to project meetings. The toolkit also provides a reliable means of advancing systemic changes in approaches to how transnational projects are planned and delivered at the national and international level.

A workshop event is to be held at the University of Jyväskylä on 27 September 2022 to showcase the outputs of the ONE Meeting project.

Primary responsible unit 

FernUniversität in Hagen


  • University of Jyväskylä
  • Canice consulting limited
  • European universities continuing education network
  • Fundacio per a la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
  • Universita’ degli studi di Milano-Bicocca
  • Momentum marketing services limited


1 December 2020–30 November 2022


Erasmus+ KA2


Project manager Päivi Kananen, paivi.kananen(a)

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