Learning, teaching, support, guidance and leadership in educational systems: Guide to Finnish Education

Why is the Finnish education so good? Learn about early childhood education, basic education, and upper secondary education in Finland. Get to know also how educational support and guidance services are managed in Finland. Understand the nature of Finnish educational leadership and education policy's status and function in Finnish society.

Deepen your knowledge of Finnish education with our online course Guide to Finnish Education (5 ECTS)!

In this course you will get a good grasp to Finland's educational system from the very beginning, Early Childhood Education, to Upper Secondary Education.

You will also understand what kind of guidance and support pupils and students get and how the educational leadership works in Finland.

Guide to Finnish Education (MCEO2150) consists of five parts:

  • EDUO101 Early Childhood Education in Finland: What, where and how? 
  • EDUO102 The Success Story behind Finnish basic education.
  • EDUO103 Educational Support and Guidance Services in Finland
  • EDUO104 Educational Leadership
  • EDUO1006 Upper Secondary Education

To get 5 ECTS you have to complete all five parts. Welcome to learn about the Finnish success story in an international study group!

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1st September – 7th December 2020

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