EDUS1090 Instructional Design

Instructional Design – Creating an educational media product is a 100 % online course created by University of Jyväskylä (Finland), Open Universiteit (Netherlands) and FernUniversität in Hagen (Germany).

EDUS1090 Instructional Design – Creating an educational media product (5 ECTS)

In this course you will work collaboratively in mixed groups with international students and design together an educational media product. During the course you will learn skills that are important in daily practice and in dealing with digital media. 

To whom?

Instructional Design course is for advanced students (Bachelor's degree, Master's degree) with basic knowledge of online pedagogy.


The course is open from 4th of May to 14th of June 2020.

How to register?

Registration: is now open!

The registration is open until 24th of April 2020.

Learning objectives

Students will

      • plan, organise, implement and evaluate a digital educational project, using different
      • gain an overview of the design of digital learning environments
      • can select and use suitable digital environments for specific learning situations
      • deal with a media didactic and educational technological question, regarding the use
        of the different software's
      • can answer media didactic questions as well as educational questions
      • gain knowledge about learning theories and concepts (media theory, instructional
        design, design cycle, rapid prototyping)
      • use their knowledge about learning theories and concepts in order to develop an own
        didactic concept for their media project
      • know the process steps and possible applications of an evaluation (questionnaire
        design, internationalization, data analysis, data interpretation and discussion)
      • utilize the questionnaire, taking into account the learning environment used
      • are able to recognize and implement the limitations and problems of the evaluation.


Students will

      • gain experiences in an international cooperative work
      • organise, coordinate and communicate within a group work
      • get to know other perspectives and opinions, concerning a topic


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