Illustrated instructions for registration

You can follow these step-by-step instructions when registering to a course.

1. Go to Registration and fees page. Click New students or Returning students below the title Registration. If you have registered before and you have created username and password, choose Returning students.

2. Select the desired course (see picture 1). If nothing is displayed on the page, the courses are not open. After clicking the course link, you have to write your username and password to register. 

Picture 1.

Select the desired course from the list.

3. If you have forgotten the password, please click Restore forgotten password (see picture 2).

Picture 2.

Password change link

Please note: Students without Finnish bank account need to write their e-mail address to reset the password. Students with Finnish bank account have to click the link below the Continue-button (see picture 3).

Picture 3.

Password change part 2

4. After successful login, enter your e-mail address and proceed to payment (see picture 4).
Please note: Interrupting the payment may cause technical challenges with registration. If possible, proceed through payment at once.

Picture 4.

Successful login

5. Make sure your information is correct. Then proceed to pay online (see picture 5).

Picture 5.

Check information and proceed to payment

6. Read and accept the terms and methods of payment. Select Paypal to pay the course fee, if you don't have a Finnish bank account (see picture 6).

Picture 6.

Choose payment method

7. You will see the Payment Confimation page, when your registration is completed (see picture 7). The receipt will be sent to your e-mail. Enter then to the Moodle study platform to activate your account (see picture 7).

Picture 7.

Payment completed

8. When you are on the Moodle front page, select Login with other credentials (see picture 8). Enter your username and password and press login.

Picture 8.

Moodle login

9. After successful login, you should see the course page in Moodle (see picture 9). If you have any difficulties with Moodle login, see Registration and fees page.

Picture 9.

Moodle course page

10. Have fun with your studies!

If you have any difficulties, please contact us via HelpJYU.