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You can start completing all of the courses taught in English flexibly throughout the academic year. When thinking about starting your studies, you can send an enquiry to the contact person of the subject in question. He or she will help you to make a good start with your studies.

For Finnish citizens

  1. Register as a student through the Korppi data system.
  2. Register to the study programme or the single course of your choice.
  3. Please note, that when you confirm your registration, Korppi system will create the study fee payment information for you electronically. You will not get a paper invoice by mail.

For other nationalities

  1. Contact Student Services (avoneuvo@avoin.jyu.fi) and explain briefly your reasons for applying and your goals relating to the Open University studies. Fill in registration form you will receive.
  2. Return the registration form as an e-mail attachment to avoneuvo@avoin.jyu.fi or by mail to the address University of Jyväskylä, Open University, PL 35, FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
  3. Include "Registration / name of the subject" in the subject field of the e-mail, for example, "Registration / psychology"
  4. You will receive an invoice for the study fee after returning the registration form. The fee is invoiced as a total sum. By paying the study fee you confirm your registration. We will only accept study fees paid in euro currency.
  5. After the Open University has received both your registration form and your payment, you will receive more detailed instructions for studying. N.B. On Suomi 1 -course you will get more information of the course from the teacher at the first meeting.
  6. Once study fees have been paid, they will not be refunded.

Study time limit

After paying a study fee, you have a right to study the chosen basic studies programme for 360 days. Study time limit for single courses is 150 days.

If you want to continue your studies after your right to study has expired, you can enroll on courses that you still need to complete and pay the required study fees (10 Euros/1 ECTS credits).

Cancelling registrations

As you confirm your registration, you will accept the terms of cancellation concerning registration to studies at the Open University of the University of Jyväskylä.

Terms of cancelling registration to the studies in the Open University of the University of Jyväskylä

You can cancel your registration within 14 days of your registration date. To cancel your registration, send an e-mail to Open University office.

  • If the student cancels his/her registration for the study module, his/her study right will be cancelled and he/she will be charged 50 Euros as a cancellation fee.
  • If the student has prior to his/her cancellation paid the study fee or part of it, 50 Euros will be held as a cancellation fee and the remaining study fee will be refunded.
  • If the student cancels his/her registration for a single course, his/her study right will be cancelled and he/she will be charged the study fee or a maximum of 50 Euros as a cancellation fee.

Registration to studies cannot be cancelled after

  • 14 days from the registration date or
  • if the student has already participated in the classes or completed studies during current study right.

If the student is unable to study due to some medical or health-related reason and wants to cancel his/her registration more than 14 days from the registration date, the student must submit a written appeal to the Open University office. The student must attach a medical certificate which details the medical or health-related reasons preventing the student from studying. The appeal should also include the students banking information for possible refund.

If the Open University is forced to cancel the course due to lack of registered students, the student will be refunded in full.

Contact information

University of Jyväskylä
Open University
P.O. Box 35
FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä

Student Services:
Street address: Alvar Aallon katu 9 (Ruusupuisto)
Tel +358 40 576 7760
Office open: Mon-Thu 9 am.-4 pm., Fri 9 am.-3 pm.