FAQ: Online Courses

On this page, you can find FAQs and answers concerning the MOOCs available on the JYU Online Courses platform. If you have any further questions, please contact the Student Services (contact information below.)

Who can attend the courses available on the Online Courses website?

The courses are intended for everybody interested in the topic. The courses are part of the study provision of the University of Jyväskylä.

Are there any specific basic education requirements for these studies?

No, there are no such requirements for these studies. However, in some studies the courses are to be taken in certain order. For example, before you can take the course BENY2022 PW MOOC II: Systems for planetary well-being (1 study credit), you must first take the course BENY2021 PW MOOC I: Introduction to planetary well-being (1 study credit).

Possible requirements for prior knowledge are presented on the course page as well as in the Study Guide in connection with the course description.

How can I register myself for these studies?

You can register yourself for the Open University studies through the Registration website. Search the course from the course list and view the more detailed information on study schedules and registration periods. More specific registration instructions are available on our website.

If you have any questions about registration, you can contact the Student and Academic Services at Open University (openuniversity@jyu.fi).

Are there any course fees?

We offer both chargeable and free-of-charge courses. You can check specific prices from the course page.
The fees at the Open University are based on the Government decree on fees for university services (1082/2009), the memorandum attached to this Decree as well as on related Government Decree on revising Section 2 in this Decree (1436/2014). Accordingly, the University may charge from a student for Open University studies at most 15 euros per study credit within the study rights.

I have not received the email message that should have contained a link to the course. How should I proceed?

Log into the JYU Online Courses learning environment with your JYU user credentials and check if you can find the course from the list of your own courses. If not, please contact the Student and Academic Services at Open University (openuniversity@jyu.fi).

I don’t have time to take the course after all, can I cancel my registration?

Registration for the studies is binding. If you have registered yourself for an online course, you nevertheless have to cancel your participation if you cannot take the course after all. Cancelling does not void your right to take the course, neither will the possible course fee be returned, but cancellation saves you from a fail mark in your study register. See cancelling instructions.

I have some questions about a course. Whom should I contact?

In questions related to course contents and procedures, you can contact the teacher. You can send messages to the teacher directly through the JYU Online Courses learning environment.
If you have questions related to registration, study rights or study planning, you can contact the Student and Academic Services at Open University (openuniversity@jyu.fi).

Will I get a course certificate of some kind?

Once you have completed a course, you can order an official transcript of records from the Student and Academic Services at Open University. Please send an e-mail to openuniversity@jyu.fi. In connection with your order, you can mention whether you want the transcript of records to be delivered to you by mail or electronically.

How will I get a mark for a completed course?

Once you have completed all the tasks included in a course, a mark for the completed course is recorded in the Korppi study data system. Instructions for viewing study attainments.

How do I get the user credentials for the University’s systems so that I start my studies?

When you register yourself for the studies, you also create the JYU user credentials for yourself. Using the credentials, you can log in to the Course Registration website for course registrations as well as to the JYU Online Courses learning environment, where you can find the study instructions.

You don’t need to create user credentials if you only wish to view the course materials.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have forgot your password, you can change your password in the Course Registration website. Click Sign in and enter your email address. Then click Forgot password and do the identity verification again. See the registration instructions.

I encountered a technical problem, where can I get help?

You can get help in technical problems by contacting IT Services through the Report an incident form at the HelpJYU service. The form is available on the front page of the HelpJYU service.