New launch coming 2020: Digitally Competent Educators Short Learning Programme

New Short Learning Programme “Digitally Competent Educators” launched in 2020 provides tools to educators to be able to work with new generations of digital natives.

European Short Learning Programmes (E-SLPs) are soon available. The actualization of this new kind of learning programme will be launched in January 2020: “Digitally Competent Educators” Short Learning Programme will be offered by the Open University and the Faculty of Information Technology of the University of Jyväskylä.

Three 5 ECTS E-SLP modules are based on an idea of proficiency progression while offering training for newcomers, experts and pioneers.

In addition to “Digitally Competent Educators” Short Learning Program there are 3 new SLP´s coming in near future on different kind of themes offered by International partners.

What are European Short Learning Programmes?

European Short Learning Programmes are being introduced in Hacking Higher Education Finland Contest at Dare to Learn Festival September 20th. You may vote our case through Innoduel service.

Short learning Programmes consist of courses with a common subject focusing on specific needs in society and which can be part of larger degrees. The Short Learning Programmes concept is developed by experts from four international partner universities FernUniversität in Hagen (Germany), Anadolu University (Turkey) and Universidade Aberta (Portugal) and the University of Jyväskylä (Finland). 

SLPs are offered online and they are building blocks to formal degrees, ranging from foundation to doctoral level (4 to 8) in EQF scale.

The aim of this development is to give solutions to the growing need of retraining and fulfill the need of lifelong learning. Commited partners work with the strong support of European association of distance teaching universities (EADTU).

We´ll let you know more in the near future!

(Picture by Edwin Andrade)