Submitting Your Work and Receiving Evaluation

Evaluation is a part of the learning process, with an opportunity for individual guidance. The evaluating lecturer will give feedback for your work in the form of comments, questions and tips. In addition, the evaluator will focus on the overall strengths and weaknesses of the work. If necessary, the feedback will also contain tips and instructions for rewriting or improving the work further. The evaluation will be given to you by e-mail within 3–4 weeks of the work’s arrival at the Open University. The work you submit to the Open University will not be returned to you.

ECTS credits

You will get your grades in ECTS credits. ECTS is a credit transfer system established by the European Commission. ECTS credits reflect the quantity of work each course requires in relation to the total quantity of work required to complete a full year of academic study at the institution, that is, lectures, practical work, seminars, individual work - in the laboratory, library or at home - and examinations or other assessment activities. One ECTS credit corresponds to about 27 hours of work/studying. In practice, the workload required to obtain one ECTS credit varies according to the level of study and between disciplines.