Digitally Competent Educators Programme

The Digitally Competent Educators (DCE) short learning programme is designed to respond to educators' need for digital competences specific to their profession. The 3 modules that make up DCE are suitable for educators who work in all levels of education. Registration for Spring modules kicks off 9 January 2023.

Digital skills for teachers

The DCE short learning programme comprises three 5 ECTS courses which develop your digital pedagogy competence in teaching and learning. 

You can choose just one or several courses to study. Find our more about each course (Module 1, Module 2, Module 3). Register as a student and sign up for the course now on our registration platform.


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Get to know each DCE study module

The workload of one module is estimated to be a total of 135 hours of work. If you successfully complete all three study modules of Digitally Competent Educators, you may order a certificate of completion and a transcript of records from the Open University's student services.

What is it like to study in the DCE programme?

The course was very well designed. It offered a valuable opportunity to practice my skills in more practice-oriented tasks and in a collaborative way. –Martina Stacy-Lenz

Study practices

  • The courses are on the Moodle learning platform. 
  • All course materials are available throughout the course. 
  • Guidance and support is provided during the course.
  • You will study both independently and with the other course participants. 
  • You don't need to be online at a specific time, but you should attend the course regularly. 
  • You are required to have basic computer skills in order to work online. 

International cooperation

Digitally Competent Educators online courses are developed and implemented jointly by

The Digitally Competent Educators programme was created as part of the E-SLP project focusing on lifelong learning products. Read more about the project >>