Empower yourself with knowledge: Free courses address sustainability challenges

Planetary Well-being consists of four courses you can study online, for free, at any time. JYU Open University specialises in flexible modes of study, based on internationally high-level scientific research.

The fourth and final Planetary Well-being online course has now been released for study in English at the JYU Open University:

All four Massive Open Online Courses are currently available for sign-up and study. Get started right now!

In search for well-being for all life on Earth

The multidisciplinary Planetary Well-being courses combine top-research in natural sciences with the insights of humanities to achieve a broadly compelling and informative set of online studies.

Delve into topics such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource wisdom and empower yourself with reliable scientific research. Note that to take these courses, you don’t need to master any advanced academic techniques: The courses are intended for all learners.

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