What is the Open University?

True to its name, the Open University is open to all regardless of age, location or educational background. Our studies are mainly online so they can be completed through distance learning. Most of our studies have no entrance requirements and the registration is always open. What would you like to learn?

The Open University of the University of Jyväskylä offers both individual courses on narrower subjects and whole study programmes. While studying, linking the new information to your prior knowledge furthers your experience and confidence at work and in your hobbies.

Becoming an Open University student is easy. Most of our courses and study programmes are online and have non-stop registration. This flexibility makes learning accessible for those with a full-time job and other obligations as well. Our studies are affordable, costing 15 euro per ECTS credit.

The Open University promotes lifelong learning. We offer opportunities for competence development to everyone in all stages of life.

Who can study at the Open University?

I don’t understand academic jargon…the required reading is very difficult…I’ve been called a mediocre writer – Does this sound familiar? Maybe our course offerings interest you but you are unsure of your success? Or perhaps you applied to university but didn’t pass the entrance exam?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Whether you are writing an essay, reading a book or working on an assignment, our experienced teachers and student services are always willing to help. Many of our courses contain group tasks and discussions, providing peer support and chances to learn from others. We also offer dedicated courses and webinars for the betterment of academic study skills.

Although online studies are flexible, they can also be demanding. More than anything, studying at the Open University calls for motivation and interest in your own learning. Goal-oriented studying requires planning and engagement. Studying the material, completing the assignments and, in some courses, taking part in group discussion sessions takes time. Scheduling and pacing are even more essential when studying whole programmes. Fortunately, guidance and help are available.

We keep our eyes and ears open to the changing requirements of work and organizations. Our studies genuinely meet the needs of the world or work. Studies, teaching, and guidance based on scientific knowledge deepen your understanding of the subject in theory and in practice.

Whether you have a clear goal in mind or you are more generally interested in learning something new, we welcome you as our student. We offer a wide variety of courses in dozens of subjects in Finnish and a growing selection of education-themed courses in English. So, what’s your thing?