Introduction to Digital Competences for Educators

The first module Introduction to Digital Competences for Educators focuses on using digital technologies for communication, collaboration and professional development as well as enhancing inclusion, personalization and learners active engagement.

This first module of the Digitally Competent Educators short learning program provides a straightforward introduction into educators' digital competences. The course is open to educators from around the world. It offers you the opportunity to collaborate and learn in an international setting.

Building an online learning community

There are different ways of building a (learning) community that can be beneficial for learners and educators.

The beginning, closing and overall accompanying topic of this course is your reflective practice. You will know more about how the learners feel when you change your perspective and reflect on your current situation. 

In this university-level course you will also consider communication. Which tool is the best for which interaction? How does collaboration work in online settings?

Module 1 is open to anyone interested in education and training. No prior study or work experience required.

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5th October – 13th December 2020

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Digital learners have various needs

What is the right balance between employing accessibility solutions and personalising plans and pathways for learners? What if learners remain inactive? Introduction to Digital Competences for Educators helps you to find answers to these questions.

Every educator wants to encourage active learning. Therefore, motivating learners is also part of the course. At the end, you can wrap up your learning in a final task.

Course information

  • This online course is developed and offered jointly by the University of Jyväskylä and the FernUniversität in Hagen.
  • Registration is closed!
  • Next online course: 5th October – 13th December 2020
  • Academic credits: 5 ECTS Credits
  • Workload: Total of 135 hours
  • Study fee: 75 euros
  • Assessment scale: A - F
  • EQF level: level 7
  • Pre-information requirements: The course is open to anyone involved in education and training. It doesn't require preliminary knowledge.
Introduction to Digital Competences for Educators

Learning objectives

Goals are to enhance the ability of educators

  • to use digital technologies, not only in teaching, but also
    for their professional interactions
  • to support learner-centered pedagogic strategies and to boost the active involvement of learners in the learning process
  • to support classroom differentiation and personalized education

Upon completion of the course you will be able to

  • communicate, contribute/share and collaborate with digital technologies in your learning community
  • reflect on, identify and improve your professional digital competencies
  • identify special needs of learners and employ accessibility solutions
  • use digital technologies to motivate and engage learners to foster active learning

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