Frequently asked questions

1. Can I get a degree in Sociology at the Open University of Jyväskylä?

No, it is currently not possible to get a degree at the Open University. You can study parts of degrees at the Open University and then compensate the studies in your degree studies elsewhere. More info here.

2. How long can I study?

After paying the study fee you have 360 days to study the whole basic studies programme. Single courses should be passed in 150 days. If you have not finished your studies in given time, you may register as a continuing student. Please note, that it is possible to register as a continuing student only for the basic studies programme, not for single courses.

3. I can not find the course material anywhere; where is it?

The courses in Sociology basic studies programme are based on the given literature. There will be video-lectures and possibly some electronic material available at a later stage, but at the moment it's just books.

4. I can not find course books, what should I do?

It is an unfortunate fact that some of the books are somewhat hard to get. Consult your local library; they may be able to order the books for you. If you find it absolutely impossible to find a particular book, contact the lecturer.

5. I have problems getting started with my assignment; where can I get help?

You should read the instructions on writing assignments given in the study guide before contacting the teacher. Feel free to ask for help from the lecturer if you can not find answers to your questions in the study guide.

6. Can I use secondary sources (e.g. Wikipedia) in my assignment?

The instructions of a written assignment include the main literature you need to use in your essay. You may use other material to deepen the analysis or to present examples or new viewpoints to the topic. This additional material does not, however, substitute the primary literature given in the instructions. Using anonymous secondary sources, such as Wikipedia, is not allowed in written assignments.

7. Do I have to take the courses in the basic studies programme in some particular order?

There is no strict order, in which you must complete your studies. It is, however, advisable to start with the courses SOSP105-115, Introduction to Sociology, as these courses provide you with the basics of sociological approaches, concepts and theories.